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Sanya Wuzhizhou Island 2011-10-02
Dongzhaigang China National Mangrove Forest Park 2011-09-28
Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden 2011-07-07
Wenchang Dongjiao Yelin(Coconut Tree Forest) 2011-10-02
Haikou Evergreen Park(Wanlvyuan park) 2011-10-02
Haikou Yulongquan Wetland Park 2014-11-13
Hainan Chengmai Mangrove wetland park 2014-11-13
Baoting Chaxigu Valley 2014-11-13
Hainan International Convention & Exhibition Center 2014-11-13
Hainan Tropical Paradise Forest Park 2014-11-13
Haikou Holiday Beach(Jiarihaitan) 2011-10-02
Hainan Sanya Xidao Island(West Island) 2011-10-02
Hainan Boao Yudantan Beach 2011-10-02
Haikou Qiongtai Academy 2011-10-02
Sanya Baoting Betelnut Garden(Ganshiling Binlangyuan) 2011-10-02
Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden 2011-10-02
Sanya Luhuitou Hill Park 2011-10-02
Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden 2011-10-02
Haikou Wugongci Shrine(Wugongci Temple) 2011-10-02
Lingshui Yetian Guzhai Li & Miao Village 2011-10-02
Sanya Tianya Haijiao Tourism Area(the End of the Earth) 2011-10-02
Sanya Nanwan monkey island 2014-04-24
Haikou Shishan Volcanic Cluster National Geopark 2015-05-29
Sanya Butterfly Park 2011-10-02
Sanya Yalong Bay Beach 2015-05-29
Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Tourism Garden 2015-05-29
Hainan Sanya Xiaodongtian Park 2011-10-02
Sanya Haitang Bay 2011-10-11
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