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Hainan Caibaofan (Fried rice wrapped by vegetable) Date:2016-01-29 Editor:Grace

A small town named Dingcheng is located in north-central of Hainan Island, ancient Named Jiyang, under Ding'an county, after the Ming and Qing dynasty to this day, remains a large number of cultural relics, Xie Yuan Fang, Fang Yuan Asia, Cheongdam Pavilion, Dragon Tower county government office, Temple, according to Ming Court, Wang Ying Doo House, Old Street arcade and other historical sites. In 2008, the town was given as the national historical and cultural towns.

Dingan gourmet numerous, Dingan Zongzi, bone soup, beer chicken ...... and so on. Caibaofan (Fried rice wrapped by vegetable) is one of many Dingan gourmet.
Caibaofan (Fried rice wrapped by vegetable) has very "material", Dingan people called it as "green treasure bowl", citing this method has two, Caibaofan (Fried rice wrapped by vegetable) ingredient at least 10 or more green ingredients, it is covered in the "treasure "; the second is Caibaofan (Fried rice wrapped by vegetable) implication get money, plenty of money in the new year.

To produce color delicious Caibaofan (Fried rice wrapped by vegetable), ingredients is very important. There are the usual ingredients: squid, shrimp, pork, sausage, celery slope, leeks, garlic, six scallion, pickled cabbage, green beans and so on. Of course, the most important thing is to have some white rice and white rice requirements are not low, rice neither too thin nor too bad, we must divide capsules stars, but also to prepare a number of lettuce, filtered and washed lettuce dry. Also, prepare for Caibaofan (Fried rice wrapped by vegetable) to increase the taste of the dish assorted sauce, chili sauce and soy sauce.


After the ingredients are fully prepared, "fried" function greatly test the chef's skill.


After fried,put three or four pieces of lettuce leaves in a bowl, on leaves coated with garlic sauce and soy sauce with a spoon to dig a spoonful of steaming fried rice on lettuce leaves, closed up the leaves a little bit with the beat, pour out from the bowl, holding hands, mouth is a big bite. One down, kind of like an avalanche will be especially delicious shock your taste buds, you will be feeling so delicious intoxicating.

Caibaofan (Fried rice wrapped by vegetable), unique local characteristics food, the taste of the various ingredients are mixed together,people experience the kind of warm home "flavor".

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