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Hainan Island—Gem of Southern China Date:2014-09-01 Editor:Eric

          Picture Hawaii without skyscrapers, a winter Florida without congested highways, California without the smog and Mexico's Cancun with more exotic culture.  You must see it to believe it!

  • Amble along unspoiled beaches stretching for miles, feel the white powdery sand caressing your toes.
  • Bask in the warm sunshine in winter, enjoy the cool breeze in summer, and year round average temperature of about 75 degrees.
  • Watch rare birds and animals play in the many wildlife reserves on the island, including the black crowned gibbon, deer, ocean birds and rhesus monkeys.
  • Visit the dazzling undersea realm of Hainan's Sea World, the 3rd largest of its kind in the world.
  • Gain insight into the traditions and customs of island natives - the Li and Miao people - by visiting their homes and joining in their exciting festivals.
  • Play a round of golf on the championship golf course and go scuba diving, snorkeling and if you dare, water skiing and parasailing.
  • On the same latitude as Hawaii, Hainan, a tropical resort off the legendary South China Sea, is poised to compete for winter travelers against big names such as Hawaii, Florida.   With 850,000 acres of green mountains, serene rainforest, live with more than 80 species of animals - including 600 rhesus monkeys living in 16 groups in an rhesus monkey reserve, 340 varieties of bird, thousands of different plantations, 100 miles of coast line dotted with beautiful and many of them, unexplored beaches, luxury hotels, even golf courses, Hainan is a legend of its own.
  • Different from other provinces of China, Hainan is the largest ocean island and the smallest land province in China. With Hong Kong less than 300 miles in the northeast, Philippines in the east, Malaysia and Brunei in the south, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore in the west, and mainland China only a 1 mile strait to the north, Hainan is right in the center of all major travel destinations in Asia.
  • Hainan Island has monsoon tropical climate with annual average temperature 22°c-28°c and annual rainfall 1500-2000mm. More than 300 days of a year are sunny days. Hainan is a good place for escaping coldness, relieving summer heat, having holidays and traveling due to this decent climate.
  • This gleaming pearl of paradise provide spectacular lush tropical scenery combined with superb white sand beaches and beautiful deserted hidden coves and bays. The island offers excellent water sports facilities. The crystal clear waters and lovely coral reefs provide some of the best diving in the world together with some great big game fishing.
  • The friendly and hospitable Hainan people with Ethnic minorities cultures, bring you a warm and welcoming people.
  • This glorious island offer its very own unique touch and to come all the way to the island and see just one face would be a crying shame!
  • Local flavour, with an unhurried, laid-back atmosphere that typifies the island. Elsewhere on the island, beautiful beaches are scattered around, leaving you to decide which is your favourite slice of paradise. Inland, mountains, primeval forests give stunning views of the island, revealing its natural beauty.
  • Hainan's tropical climate yields an abundance of tropical crops like coconuts, pepper, coffee, tea and rubber. A variety of fruits find their home in Hainan.  2 billion pounds of bannanas every year.
  • Hainan coffee producers have been taking efforts to make its products well-known, gourmets coffee connossaire agree that Hainan coffee rivals its Columbia brother.
  • Hainan is also the home to a variety of Chinese medicinal herbs.  Plus its hot springs all over the island, Hainan offers health conscious travelers a unique chance to exercise (on the mountains) and relax.
  • Hainan is also full of history.  In ancient China, exiled poets, artists find their home on this island.  Temples, memorials have been built in their honor where one can trace back more than 2000 years.
  • Its outstanding glory is Jian Feng Ling, a World Heritage listed rainforest of immense beauty and unique flora and fauna, Steamy and exotic, Jian Feng Ling is reminiscent of the “Garden of Eden” Dotted around those rainforests are a number of pretty coves and superb beaches.

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