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     Hainan - A New Mecca of Golf From ¥380

Despite a ban that limits the number of golf courses in China due to environmental impact concerns, the number has more than tripled since 2004. Hainan is exempt from the nationwide ban on the creation of new golf courses. In the province, the leader in course construction is Mission Hills, having created 10 courses and ano...[Learn More]
Holes: Par: Length(yardage):

     Danzhou Guyantian (Ancient Saltern) golf course From ¥580

Opened on August 6, 2011, Guyantian (Ancient Saltern) golf course is located in Danzhou city, the westline of Hainan. Ancient saltpans landscape is natural landscape formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, the golf course along the coastline of about 5 km with natural mangrove forest natural scenery.
Guyantian (Ancient Saltern) golf course designed by the renowned Australia master Graham Marsh, it is a standard 18 hole, par 72, seashore golf course. The total fairway i...[Learn More]
Holes:18 Par:72 Length(yardage):7572

     Hainan White Stone(Baishiling) hot spring Golf Club From ¥680

Hainan White Stone (Baishiling) hot spring Golf Club is located in Qionghai Guantang hot spring resort area, Near East Hainan Highway, the transportation is convenient. It is a mysterious and fascinating world.
Baishiling hot spring Golf Club is a 18 hole 72 par standard golf course, fairway total length is 7008 yards. Another unique design is 19th Hole with mini peninsula green shaped like a pot, make the golfers feel exciting of Hole in One. Natural lakes of 480,000 square meters (c...[Learn More]
Holes:18 Par:72 Length(yardage):7008

     Hainan Wenchang International Golf Club From ¥480

Hainan Wenchang International Golf Club invested by Malaysia Hualian group Hainan Hongfa real estate co. Ltd.
Wenchang International Golf Culb is located in the overseas' hometown--Wenchang city. It is an 18-hole par 72 championship race course of international standards with a total area of 2500 hectares, which covers an area of 1200 hectares, the total length of fairway is 6812 yards. The course is designed by internationally renowned architect ALBERT Chua from Malaysia. The garden t...[Learn More]
Holes:18 Par:72 Length(yardage):6812

     Guangzhou Lihu Golf Club From ¥790

Guangzhou Lihu golf club is located in the suburbs of Guangzhou City, a 27-hole golf course. Including clubhouse, driving range facilities by 1700 acres, the project investment of US $ 36 million.The Golf course is designed by Canada famous designer Richard Davidson and Japan Golf course architect Muta Tai sheng, fairway hills surrounded by water, have extended pure and perfect natural environment with designers carefully arrange. The Golf club is real an unique holiday destination.The club i...[Learn More]
Holes:27 Par:72 Length(yardage):

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