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     Hainan Hongshuwan(Mangrove Bay) golf club From ¥380

Hainan Hongshuwan(Mangrove Bay) golf club covers 1100 acres, fairway length of 7,107 yards, the lake area of ​​73,897 square meters. The course is designed by the SWA and other world-renowned design company.If you are using the hainantour dot net you can get good deals for the entrance fee and other fees.
Fairway exquisite design, modeling delicate, seemingly flat but hidden mystery, both challenging and entertaining, to meet the needs of different levels of golfers.
 No m...[Learn More]
Holes:18 Par:72 Length(yardage):7107

     Hainan Romantic Bay Golf Club From ¥460

Hainan  Beautful Romantic Bay(BRB Meilangwan)  Golf Course is key part of the Hainan European Style Towns, the first 18-hole course is a high quality PGA international championship standard golf course.“Hainan European Style Towns” is the Key Project of Hainan Provincial twelfth five-year plan, was massively invested and built by Hainan Zhong Dong Fang Industrial Co., Ltd. The Hainan European Style Towns was planned to contain five European Style Towns, Britis,...[Learn More]
Holes:54 Par:72 Length(yardage):7250

     Beijing Huatang Golf Club From ¥880

Huatang International Golf Club is located in the East Beijing Yanjiao Economic Development Zone of Beijing, within 25 minutes’ drive from the China World Trade Center, the Huatang International Golf Club occupies an area of over 1,000,000 square meters. Its proximity to major businesses and its convenient location on the major traffic lines provides the ultimate venue for the distinguished executives of the central business district of Beijing (CBD).

Huatang International Golf ...[Learn More]
Holes:18 Par:72 Length(yardage):

     Haikou Three Miles Golf Club From ¥650

Haikou Three Miles International Golf Club is located three kilometers touriem area of years volcanic landforms, Yangshan town,Haikou city. The north is to Haikou main city, south to Haikou beltway Longqiao town, west to the Hainan Eastern Highway, east to the Nandu River Scenic Belt park, from the transport hub(Meilan International Airport, East Railway Station) is only 10 minutes by car with convenient traffic.If you are using the hainantour dot net you can get good deals f...[Learn More]
Holes:18 Par:72 Length(yardage):7166

     Guangzhou Xiancun International Golf Cluib From ¥790

Guangzhou Xiancun International Golf Cluib is located in the beautiful scenery of Guangzhou Zengchgeng Xintang town Xiancun woodland. The club has a world-class 18-hole golf course was designed by the world-famous designer-Nelson & Haworth.  It is the only international standard golf course which is designed and constructed in accordance with the U.S. PGA in Zengcheng.
The Course covers 1,430 acres, fairway length is 7,047 yards.The course utilizes the surrounding undulating m...[Learn More]
Holes:18 Par:71 Length(yardage):7047

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