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Hainan Traditional Folf Snack--Puqian Zaopocu Vinegar Date:2016-01-28 Editor:Grace

Origin of Zaopocu vinegar is spread Puqian town of Wenchang, it is one traditional folk snacks of Hainan.Zaopocu vinegar use the vinegar of folk lees fermentation as a soup, plus kelp, seaweed, shallots, offal, pork or seafood and other miscellaneous made a snack. Accessories with pepper, sugar, MSG, spicy sweet and sour taste, is often eaten as an appetizer snacks.
Zaopocu Vinegar is sweet and sour taste of vinegar, appetizers fluid, long-term consumption can have beauty, reduce fat, blood pressure effect, in particular, welcomed by women, and therefore has been dubbed the  "women vinegar".

Food materials:cattle hamstring, Babylonia, crab, duck hearts, mango snails, horseshoe crab meat, horseshoe crab eggs.

Zaopocu vinegar ingredients - seaweed knot, seaweed, shallots, chives, bean sprouts, green vegetables, offal, pork offal, duck, squid, etc.

Haikou Fucheng 50-year-old and famous - Han Kee Zaopocus vinegar is localted in Fucheng town.

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