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Shenzhen Visa Date:2017-02-21 Editor:

What Is The Shenzhen Visa?

It is a visa on arrival valid only at the Hong Kong and Shenzhen border. 

Who Is Eligible For A Shenzhen Visa?

Most nationalities are eligible for a Shenzhen Visa, but there are notable exception.Citizens of the US and India cannot get a Shenzhen visa. Passport holders from Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and Indonesia can get a Shenzhen visa, and at the current time of writing so can citizens of Australia and the UK.

How Long Is A Shenzhen Visa Valid For?

Shenzhen visas are valid for five days. You absolutely must leave Shenzhen before the five days are up. This type of visa cannot be extended, and if you overstay the visa you will find yourself face to face with China’s Public Security Bureau and facing a hefty fine. You do not have to return to Hong Kong at the end of the visa, but you cannot travel further into China unless you have a valid Chinese Visa.

Where Can I Go With A Shenzhen Visa?

Shenzhen visas are valid for the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, including Shenzhen City, Shekou and most of the factories in the surrounding countryside. Guangzhou is not included in the Shenzhen Visa, nor is the wider Guangdong region. 

If you plan to further into China, apply for a full Chinese visa. You need a visa to check into hotels in China and if the Chinese police find you outside the Shenzhen SEZ with only a Shenzhen Visa you will be fined and possibly deported.

Where To Apply For A Shenzhen Visa?

The following Ports are tackling with Shenzhen Visa:

Luo Hu Port:               07:00am ~ 22:30pm  everyday

Huang Gang Port:     00:00am ~ 24:00pm  everyday

She Kou Ferry Port:             09:00am ~ 13:00pm  14:30pm ~ 17:00pm  everyday

Shenzhen Airport:      10:00am ~ last international arrival flight      everyday

Fu Yong Ferry Port:               10:00am ~ last arrival ferry      everyday

Above information are displayed in Chinese language on the page of offical website of DIVISION OF EXIT & ENTRY ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SECURITY OF GUANGDONG PROVINCE. Greenbright Golf is not responsible for legal liability or joint liability.

What Documents Are Needed For Shenzhen Visa?

To apply for port visa, aliens shall provide such pertinent information as requested and complete the following procedures:
1、Valid common passport;
2、Fill in the visa application form and submit one photo which is recently-taken, 2-inches, half-length, bareheaded and full-face.
3、Other materials maybe required. Such as hotel confirmation letter for reservation; Invitation Letter issued by a company in China, or licensed travel agencies in China, etc.

Can I Get Chinese Visa In Hong Kong?

A visitor can get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong. However, it does not mean the visa can be issued to you successfully all the time. Instead, you are supposed to apply for a Chinese visa from the Chinese Embassy in your home country. Yet, while that remains the official rule, you will always be able to get hold of a tourist visa for China in Hong Kong. 

You can get single and double entry Chinese visas in Hong Kong. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong will only issue visas to Hong Kong residents, and while most people find they are willing to break this rule they can make life difficult with paperwork. Slightly more expensive, but much easier is using a local tour agent - notably the quasi government run China Travel Service (CTS). You won't be able to apply for multi entry visa in Hong Kong unless you are a permanent Hong Kong resident.

Visitors are recommended to use tour agencies such as CTS because of ongoing complexities at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tour agencies are now able to issue business visas to visitors who have an invitation from a company in China.

The consular office is only issuing visas to those who are visiting China for the first or second time. You will need your Hong Kong immigration slip issued on arrival in Hong Kong. CTS is still processing all applicants.

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