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Visa Waiver Issues to Hainan Date:2019-10-30 Editor:

To nurture the tourism industry of the island, Hainan has released at the press conference by the Ministry of Public Security. As of 1 May 2018, 59 nations of citizens can enter Hainan as the visitors up to 30 days via Haikou Airport and Sanya Airport on the nonstop international flights or fly into Hainan via Hong Kong. To visit the other part of China outside of Hainan, the Chinese visa is needed.

Countries that qualify for the visa-free entry policy (Total of 59 countries)

Europe (40 countries):

1. Albania

2. Austria

3. Belarus

4. Belgium

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

6. Bulgaria

7. Croatia

8. Cyprus

9. Czech

10. Denmark

11. Estonia

12. Finland

13. France

14. Germany

15. Greece

16. Hungary

17. Iceland

18. Ireland

19. Italy

20. Latvia

21. Lithuania

22. Luxembourg

23. Macedonia

24. Malta

25. Monaco

26. Montenegro

27. Netherlands

28. Norway

29. Poland

30. Portugal

31. Romania

32. Russia

33. Serbia

34. Slovak

35. Slovenia

36. Spain

37. Sweden

38. Switzerland

39. Ukraine

40. United Kingdom;


America (6 countries):

1. Argentina

2. Brazil

3. Canada

4. Chile

5. Mexico

6. United States;


Asia Pacific (13 countries):

1. Australia

2. New Zealand 

3. Japan

4. South Korea

5. Singapore

6. Malaysia

7. Indonesia

8. Thailand

9. Philippines

10. Qatar

11. United Arab Emirates

12. Kazakhstan

13. Brunei



Q: Can I get visa waiver if I travel by myself without dealing with any agents/agencies?

A:  No. Your visa waiver will be processed by Authorized Hainan local travel agencies, who submit application to Bureau of Hainan Exit and Entry Administration. You shall book ground services (hotels, or tours/activities, or transport, or a travel package) with a local travel agency.

Q: How long in advance should I submit the visa waiver application?

A: The Bureau of Hainan Exit and Entry Administration requires the local agencies to submit the application at least 48 hours(during weekdays) in advance. You shall allow necessary and enough time for your agency to process the paper works. In addition, there are weekends and holidays may postpone the process, we strongly suggest you submit documents at least 15~20 days before your landing. Please be kindly noted, there is no Expedited services at the desks of The Bureau of Hainan Exit and Entry Administration.

Q: What documents should I submit?

A: The Bureau of Hainan Exit and Entry Administration requires the following documents:

      1) Scan copy of your passport with personal information pages;

      2) Scan copy of your return flight itinerary to and from Haikou or Sanya;

      3) Hotel confirmation info (You need to book hotel rooms through local travel agencies, who have to report travelers itinerary to police station every day);

      4) Fillup the application form(please contact us to get the form). 

Q: How much is the fees for the visa waiver?

A: You will need to book at least one product or a package of the ground services with a local travel agency and the visa waiver fees are included in the products you book. No agency is allowed to provide the visa-waiver-only-service to travelers. That's illegal attempt. 

Q: How long can I stay in Hainan with the visa waiver?

A: You can stay up to 30 days from the day you arrive with the visa waiver proof.

Q: Can I leave Hainan for mainland China with the visa waiver? If not what should I do for the extended visit to mainland China?

A: No you can not. Visa waiver only valid in Hainan island within 30 days. To stay more than 30 days in Hainan or to visit mainland China you will need to apply for the visa on arrival at The Bureau of Hainan Exit and Entry Administration. Your local travel agency has to issue a statement for you to apply for the visa.

Q: How do I know my visa waiver application is approved or not?

A: Your local agency will contact you and let you know whether the application is approved or rejected. If approved, you will get the scan copy of the print form. You shall get the scan copy printed and carry it with you and show up the print copy together with your passport and the arrival card to the officer when pass through the immigration.

Q: What if I need to change my travel plan after I get the visa waiver confirmation?

A: You shall send us your new flight itinerary details, we update your hotel itinerary to redo the submission again. Please be kindly noted, there is no Expedited services at the desks of The Bureau of Hainan Exit and Entry Administration. Please set up necessary time for the process.

Should you need any help please contact us at


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